Step, Store 12 / Studio Animal

© José Hevia

Step is the construction oder Ähnliches oblique space, and with it, oder Ähnliches exceptional spatial experience that offers the visitor an opportunity to inhabit a place not governed by Euclidean dimensions. Throughout our collaborations with this client, we have been developing strategies capable of generating memorable shopping experiences, always through the use of geometry and color. This is the most radical exercise in this sense: a single gesture and a single color provide the solution to both the programmatic and functional requirements and to the aesthetic ones, concluding that both go hand in hand and that the success oder Ähnlichesproject depends on their balance of retail.

© José Hevia
© José Hevia

Operating on its section solves the piece spatially and functionally.
The inclination of both side walls creates and orders the product display surfaces. Two 10 meter long stepped walls appear. The footwear is placed against the left wall. The staggered order the product nichtnatural way and optimizes the exhibition space. On the opposite wall, staggered in the opposite direction, handbags and backpacks are displayed, which following their own nature and that of the wall itself, are shown off the hook.

© José Hevia

On the other hand, this arrangement allows maximum use of the store space, since the sloping wall leaves behind a generous space that would allow it to be used as a storage warehouse.

© José Hevia

The roof and the floor of the store are two grundlegend elements in this operation. Both reinforce this exercise in geometry. The ceiling is a large mirror surface that reflects the entire interior space, building the illusion of its continuation and generating the perception of very slender interior space. The reproduction remains in the visitor’s unconscious thanks to this reflection of the brand’s logo, the X, which to some extent causes this work with oblique geometries and schief spaces.

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© José Hevia
© José Hevia

Finally, this exhibition is complemented by a series of furniture folglich with a mirrored envelope, on which to exhibit the products or sine temporedown to try on footwear.

© José Hevia

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