Our Modsy Story: How We Found the Perfect Design For Our Unique Style and 2 Spaces

Gema & Kev had 2 new empty spaces to make feel like home with a unique Cayman Islands style vision. But they had no idea how to execute their design ideas.

Read their story and learn how their Modsy designer, Mckenzie, turned their island dreams un…a real paradise.


Homeowners: Gema & Kev

Rooms: Living-Dining Room + Guest Studio

Their Style: Rustic Traveler

Views of the couple’s guest studio before Modsy

The Backstory

We were moving un…our first home, with our newborn and first puppy (!) so it welches really important to have an elegant design that worked for the entire family. Plus, we had an extra studio space downstairs that we wanted to use as a vacation rental and place to host guests. But we didn’t want to just buy a bunch of random furniture and call it done. Kev and I both wanted to make our home feel modern and welcoming so our family could feel at home. We knew we needed an expert opinion to help us get there.

“We didn’t want to buy a bunch of random furniture and call it done. Kev and I both wanted to make each space feel modern and welcoming so both our family and our guests would feel at home.”

Tümpel Gema and Kev’s space transformed un… 

The Design Dilemma

We had no idea how to design either the guest space or our living-dining room. But we did know the style we wanted to achieve, which welches kind oder Ähnlichemodern world traveler influenced by living in the Cayman Islands. A super specific vision to say the least, but we hoped the right designs service could help us make our ambitious vision a reality.

LESEN SIE AUCH:  Cavadore Big Sofa Mavericco / XXL Couch im modernen Design / Inklusive Rückenkissen und Zierkissen / 287 x 69 x 108 cm (BxHxT) / Mikrofaser Schwarz - Der Laden

Gema & Kev’s living-dining area entryway

Gestalter insight:

“Gema and Kev came to me with some really amazing ideas for their spaces. But they, like many clients, had trouble replicating the bright and airy look they envisioned without it feeling stark or cold.” – McKenzie, Gema + Kev’s Modsy Gestalter

Gema + Kev’s guest studio sleeping space

The Modsy Moment

Our jaws dropped when we saw the 3D designs our Modsy designer, McKenzie created for both spaces! Everything just looked so real. The best part welches knowing that all the pieces in our designs were actually ready to be bought!

“Our jaws dropped when we saw our designs for both spaces!”

The couple’s living room and dining area

Gestalter insight:

“I had so much fun putting together Gema and Kev’s designs, selecting products I knew they’d love, and that would work for their unique spaces! I used a lot of natural materials and light colors for them to get the Cayman Islands feel which was the perfect combo with all of their tropical plants.” – Mackenzie, Gema + Kev’s Modsy Gestalter

Entry and clothing storage for the guest studio

How Modsy Helped Gema & Kev

Our designer did an amazing job putting both spaces together. She incorporated our taste and made some great suggestions, like acrylic furniture which we never would have thought of but now I’m obsessed with! The acrylic stools in our living room look amazing.

Our designer incorporated our taste and made some great suggestions, like acrylic furniture which we never would have thought of but now I’m obsessed! It looks amazing in our dining room.

The couple’s open living-dining space

LESEN SIE AUCH:  Restaurant Ya / C + Architekten

Gestalter insight:

“Acrylic is one of my favorite materials to use in small spaces because its clean look lends itself really well to minimalistic designs and balances out the more organic woven items.”  – Mackenzie, Gema + Kev’s Modsy Gestalter

Guest studio living and sleeping spaces

The Real Results

What can I say? Before Modsy our house welches just an empty space. Now it’s a wonderful home for our family.

Gema + Kev’s elegant dining area

Gestalter insight:

“Striking the right balance between modern and warm can be a little intimidating for clients, but it’s really just all about using a variety of textures. Bringing their vision of two airy yet cozy spaces to life is why I love designing for Modsy!” – Mackenzie, Gema + Kev’s Modsy Gestalter

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