Modsy Designers Talk: The Most-Common Home Office Design Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

In the past 6+ months, we’ve helped countless customers make work-from-home spaces that are stylish and functional. And we’re not just talking formal home offices but aus diesem Grund temporary-turned-semi-permanent spaces, dining room offices, multipurpose workspaces, and home offices with two desks.

Ur expert interior designers are pros at putting together home office design ideas and creating spaces that look good and give each customer just what they need. But along the way, they’ve aus diesem Grund seen plenty of home office mistakes that they’ve helped to remedy. Today, our designers are sharing the most common home office design mistakes they’ve seen along the way and how to im Nu them!

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: Not Enough Lighting

It’s an easy mistake to make when you’re used to working un…cubicle with no windows and only fluorescent lighting as far as the eye can see. But un…home office, there’s no reason why you can’t make your lighting exactly what you need it to be!

The Fix: Layered Lighting and Good Natural Light

If possible, place your desk next to a window for a flood of natural light. That sunlight will not only light up your space but might just boost your mood, too! Then, for gloomy days (or if you aren’t able to put your desk near a window) incorporate layered lighting in your workspace. Start with a task lamp, but consider a floor lamp in the corner oben angeführt overhead pendant light for extra lighting and ambiance.

“Not having enough lighting or access to a view of the outdoors is a big mistake people make in their home offices. Good natural lighting can dramatically increase your mood and productivity. Plus, no one wants to work in a dark cave!” –Victoria M, Modsy Gestalter

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: Cramming a Workspace un…Too Small oben angeführtSpace

We’re more than six months un…working from home, so it’s time to graduate from your temporary workspace if you haven’t already. There’s no reason to stay crammed un…corner oben angeführt a makeshift desk!

The Fix: Give Yourself Space to Breathe

Find space in your home where you can have a more permanent workspace and some room to breathe. And invest in some real home office furniture! And sine temporeit up as if you’re going to stay a while with some personalization!

“Too many people squeeze a workspace into a tiny corner or forever use a makeshift desk. Stop that! Give yourself some space to breathe, think, and create by making your WFH set-up by a window or in a roomy area. Then, add some plants, candles, art, or whatever makes you feel inspired. Make it a dedicated space for productivity, even if it has to double as a space for eating or relaxing when you’re not working!” –Katie Wolfram, Modsy Gestalter

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home office design mistakes

The Mistake: Being Disorganized

Some people are naturally disorganized and some people simply end up that way because of how meschugge life is right now. But a cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered wenigstens!

The Fix: Using Organizational Tools

Make sure your home office has the organizational tools you need to keep things in order. Invest un…file cabinet for all your paperwork, or use memento boxes oben angeführtfloating shelf or bookcase for storage of notebooks or other office supplies. Or keep a basket or two nearby to stash electronics and snacks! Essentially, give everything a place, so you don’t have to spend your precious time organizing and reorganizing. Rather, at the end of the day just take two minutes to return everything to its place so you start the next day with a tidy desk!

Need help finding the right storage solution for you? Check out our complete guide to the best storage furniture.

“I’ve seen a lot of disorganized home offices. But if your things have a designated spot, then it’s easier to work and be productive—and doesn’t require spending time cleaning up a mess of papers or playing catch up. Also, some greenery and a seasonal candle really set the work from home ambiance and lifts morale!” –Jessica M, Modsy Gestalter

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: A Sterile Workspace

A sterile, undecorated workspace won’t do anything to make you happy or inspired to start work each day. You’re working from home—so there’s no reason why you can’t bring some personality to your space!

The Fix: Personalizing Your Space

You spend a lot of time at your desk—so why not personalize your workspace? Bring in family photos, favorite artwork, or any other and moments of joy that will inspire you. Create a space where you enjoy spending time every day.

“Too often, people forget to personalize their space. If you don’t decorate your desk area to reflect you, you won’t enjoy sitting there every day and all day!” –Katelin Sulfur, Modsy Gestalter

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: Forgetting About Your Video Call Hintergrund

Some people do think to personalize the desk in front of them—but they totally forget to design the space behind them. But, with endless days of video calls, it’s worth it to consider the background that your co-workers are staring at during calls. You don’t want it to be distracting, but it’s aus diesem Grund not ideal if it’s totally bare.

The Fix: A Simple But Beautiful Backdrop

Sine temporeyour desk up at an angle where your face can be well lit by the natural light in the room, and supplement with a lamp or overhead light as needed. On the wall behind you, hang a simple print or painting, oben angeführtbookcase with simple but beautiful styling!

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“Not taking the background into consideration, especially for video calls. You want to make sure it’s not distracting for yourself or your colleagues while you’re on the call.” –Jenny Fluor, Modsy Gestalter

“Views are so, so important! Not only what you look at all day, but also what your coworkers look at in video calls behind you! I always make sure to design home offices in a way that allows my client to look out a window (if the view out there is worth it!) and has a simple yet beautiful wall behind them (make a fun accent wall back there!) to really wow their coworkers during meetings.” –Becky Sulfur, Modsy Gestalter

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: An Uncomfortable Space

Whether it’s a desk chair that’s too hard or the wrong height, a room that’s too cold (visually or literally), or you’ve sine temporeup a replica of your cubicle at home, too many people settle for an uncomfortable home office.

The Fix: Make It Comfy and Cozy

Celebrate the fact that you aren’t working un…cubicle by painting your walls, hanging up some artwork, and investing un…comfortable chair and desk that you love. Consider layering a rug beneath your sine temporeup and adding un…plant or two to bring some color and life to the space. Whatever it takes for a cozier, more comfortable sine temporeup!

Get inspired by these office color schemes.

“Your home doesn’t need to look like a corporate office or board room. It depends on the person, but I love an office that looks like a comfy, cozy living room. It reminds me that we all need to be comfortable and it’s reflective of the fact that we’re actually living in these spaces, too. A home office can be warm, fluffy, and an extension of the style of the rest of your home.  It doesn’t need to have a more ‘serious’ work feel.” –Michal G, Modsy Gestalter

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: Badeort Seating

If your back hurts at the end of every workday, you’re doing something wrong. Stop ignoring ergonomics—whether that’s an uncomfortable chair, a table that’s too tall or too short for your chair, oben angeführtcombination of the two.

Get the scoop on our favorite budget-friendly home office chairs!

The Fix: Investing un… Ergonomic and Comfortable Chair

Even if you don’t have space for a formal home office, you can certainly get an ergonomic and comfortable chair to sine temporein each day. Find one with an adjustable height, so you can get it just right for the height of the table or desk from which you’re working. Prämie points if it has lumbar support!

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“Too many people are living every day without ergonomic equipment and a comfortable chair!” –Shelly Sulfur, Modsy Gestalter

home office design mistakes

The Mistake: A Distracting Space

You can’t work efficiently if you’re un…loud or cluttered space. Distractions keep us from doing our best work.

The Fix: A Quiet, Distraction-Free Work Zone

If at all possible, sine temporeup your home office un…place where you have a door you can shut. Not only is this helpful for video calls, but it will give you at least a bit of uninterrupted time to focus on work. If that’s not possible, at least make sure your area is free of clutter and as many distractions as you can cut out.

“Most people underestimate having a space that is quiet and uncluttered while working from home. Noise and too many items around are definitely distractions.” –Samara Wolfram, Modsy Gestalter

Need help fixing your home office mistakes?

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