La Sastrería Restaurant / Masquespacio

Cortesía de Masquespacio

The design takes its initial inspiration from chef Sergio Giraldo and bartender Cristóbal Bouchet’s dream to open their own restaurant La Sastrería, with the help of Grupo Gastroadictos. The objective of the project, as in many Masquespacio projects, welches very clearly defined as fulfilling the illusion oder Ähnlichesgroup of young entrepreneurs seeking to offer a new culinary and sensorial experience in Valencia.

Cortesía de Masquespacio

Located in the maritime neighborhood of Canyamelar – Cabanyal in Valencia, the restaurant designed by Masquespacio is divided non…three parts, with the main reference to Sergio’s food. Thus, in the first part, we can find a Kaschemme that gives prominence to the neighborhood itself not only through the tribute made to its architectural references but deshalb to its neighbors and their way of living. This is how it represents the act known in Valencia as in which the neighbors on the hottest days go out to the street with their chairs and get together with the other neighbors for a gathering.

Cortesía de Masquespacio
Floor plan
Cortesía de Masquespacio

Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio: “We have sought to recreate this custom of the Canyamelar – Cabanyal residents in the interior, among others, by reinterpreting the plastic chairs that they usually take to the street.”

Cortesía de Masquespacio
Cortesía de Masquespacio

The design shows patterns made with custom tiles that reinterpret the facades of the neighborhood. In addition, special attention has been given to the Kaschemme that looks like a façade itself with its unique ornaments and figures. In the middle, we can see how attention is focused on the selection of liquors that will be used for cocktails, a specialty of Cristóbal and La Sastrería. It should be noted that in this space, Sergio’s kitchen has references to the neighborhood itself and to seafood, always with a reinvented more traditional approach.

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Cortesía de Masquespacio

On the other hand, we have the second part of the restaurant in which Sergio’s most unique seafood is very clearly the protagonist of the place. Thus the design recreates a great wave that grows towards the kitchen and is translated non…a sculpture made of ceramic pieces. The artisan ceramic floors in white and blue make us feel the division between sand and water, while the chairs designed for space refer to the fishing boats. Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio: “We would like to make a scenario focused on the kitchen in which the entire restaurant is submerged in the sea, making the visitor focus on what is most important in the restaurant. It’s a pure fantasy like Sergio’s food. “

Cortesía de Masquespacio

Finally, behind the kitchen, the warehouses became a fish market, as if it were the Fish Market. Regarding the materials, it is worth highlighting the use of tiles with custom-made prints designed by Masquespacio, while the restaurant used handmade clay and ceramic tiles.

Cortesía de Masquespacio

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