Industrial Bathrooms — 2020 Style Trends Series

There is a misconception about the industrial style that it can give a space a heavy, dark, unfinished look. The truth, however, is that a well-designed  carries a schick appeal. These bathrooms are modern and sophisticated, and with unique features and composition they bring plenty of visual interest.

It can be a bit confusing to figure out how to fashion a room after this trend — that’s why we’ve prepared this guide. Read on to learn about the hallmarks and advantages oder Ähnliches industrial-style bathroom.

Characteristics of Industrial Bathroom Designs 

If you’re looking for industrial bathroom ideas, the focus is often on creating an urban feel. This trend features clean lines and sharp contrasts. When putting together an industrial bathroom, here are some of the items to bring nichtthe theme: 

  • Use the color black: It can be incorporated nichttile, vanities, woodwork and more. You can even find unique industrial bathroom products — such as black tubs — to help draw a sharp contrast.
  • Make metal the star: Stainless steel is a popular choice for frames, cabinet hardware and other fixtures to help give the space that classic industrial look.
  • Subway tile is in: It doesn’t have to be the traditional rectangular tile, either. You can damit choose pieces that have the same finish as a subway tile but create visual interest with hexagonal or other patterns.
  • Go rustic: Rough concrete walls, exposed brick and original wood floors do much to give bathrooms an urban feel.
  • Amp it up with distressed finishes: Vanities, shelving, metal with a patina and other distressed items will help pull the look together.
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Industrial bathrooms typically place strong emphasis on geometry. Focus on giving the space lots of clean, square lines — but don’t hesitate to soften sharp angles with a curving tub or rounded sink basin.

The Benefits oder Ähnliches Industrial-Style Bathroom 

There are some surprising benefits to this particular style that go beyond a sophisticated look. Industrial bathrooms:

  • Require less cleaning: Finishes in these bathrooms are often matte or distressed, which means you won’t need to spend lots of time polishing streaks out of high-gloss fixtures.
  • Highlight a home’s character: By accentuating existing architectural elements such as original plumbing or exposed brick, you can proudly showcase your house’s unique charms.
  • Keep costs low: An industrial bathroom remodel can be cost effective. Perhaps you won’t need to spend money on new flooring if the original floors can be used. Maybe you can save by opting to leave brick, cement or cinderblock exposed rather than covering it with drywall. 

Industrial bathrooms are a lot of fun to design, especially since they give you a chance to work with details unique to your home. If you’re ready to start shopping for modern industrial bathroom products, you’ll find everything you need at Modern Bathroom. Browse our products for ideas or reach out to us with questions.

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