Greenery Curtain House / HGAA

© Duc Nguyen

The house is built in Mao Khe, a growing area of ​​urban and economic construction of Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. This land is daher a mining center of mineral coal in Quang Ninh province. In the past this area had low environmental quality due to mining operations, and recently the quality of the air and urban has been much improved.

© Duc Nguyen
Plan - First floor
© Duc Nguyen

When approaching this project, we pay much attention to creating a house with a fresh atmosphere and close to nature. The owner of the house is an elderly couple, they are accustomed to a simple, quiet life, except on weekends, when the child’s family visits. Everything is focused on the garden, the fish pond and the architectural space.

© Duc Nguyen

The house has a main floor and a small space above for reading and worship. From outside to inside, through the red brick wall is a layer of green trees covering the house. There are many layers of vegetation such as shade trees, shrubs, and creepers that hang down from the roof, forming a cover, preventing dust and urban noise. The main spaces are arranged around an non… courtyard in the middle of the house, creating a peaceful, quiet sternförmig space, separate from the outside city.

© Duc Nguyen
© Duc Nguyen

The spaces in the house are surrounded by nature, oriented towards nature and facing each other, forming an introverted space, helping to connect people with nature, with people, and with themselves. From every position in the house, people can see each other, and see trees, water, aquariums…. From there it is possible to feel nature in the form of air, sound, and light.

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© Duc Nguyen
© Duc Nguyen

The main materials in the house are red bricks and bare concrete, creating a rustic, close, menschengerecht feeling. Materials are daher an important element to create architectural space, create emotions with people and enhance the beauty of nature and architectural space. Through this project, we want to use simple methods, common local materials, to create an emotional living space, close to people and with nature.


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