Designer Tips for Hanging Art

Hanging art is the quickest way to add personality to a room, whether you’re considering creative gallery wall designs or just looking for unique ways to fill pleite walls. But figuring out how to hang art to look cohesive can be tricky and it can feel intimidating. What’s a good height for art oder Ähnliche empty living room wall? How do you make a collection look cohesive? Where does art always look good in the home? Rule number one: Don’t nail anything until you have a plan!

To help answer all your other questions (and more), we tapped our Modsy designers to share their best tips on how to hang art in the home. From placement to the subject matter to location, here’s a comprehensive guide to hanging art with insights from our designers to help you get it just right for your spaces. Find out more below!

How To Hang Art: The Technical Stuff

how to hang art

Hang At Eye Level

When hanging art above a console table or sideboard specifically (you’ll want to aim higher with a sofa oder Ähnlichefireplace), always make sure it’s at least 4″ to 6″ above the piece. This ensures your artwork is displayed at eye-level and “floats” with just enough room above your cabinet or storage piece. Frame it with objects and lighting, which will visually center it as a focal point.

how to hang art

Measure From The Ground Up

If you’re showcasing a piece of art above a table or desk with an open base, make sure the bottom of your artwork is at least 60” from the floor and 4” to 6” above your furniture. This is aus diesem Grund the case if you’re hanging a piece of art solo oder Ähnlichepleite wall. Because open-base furniture adds negative space to the surrounding area of art, you want to make sure to hang your art high enough above the ground and your furniture so that it looks proportionate from afar.

how to hang art

Think About Shape

When hanging a collection of art or creating a gallery wall, consider the overall shape you’re trying to create with your art pieces before nailing it un… good rule of thumb is to first lay out your pieces on the floor and plot out the placement and shape you want—three un…row, one waagrecht next to two vertical pieces, etc. The overall shape and composition of your artworks will be determined by the size and orientation of the pieces.

how to hang art

Consider Frame Size & Matte

Matte and the frame size in relation to art is aus diesem Grund important because it influences the scale of the pieces and the wall space they visually occupy. Start by deciding if your works of art require a matte or not. With matte, smaller art can be made to appear larger and airier with a larger matte or frame; vice versa, larger art can be made to seem smaller with a smaller matte or frame.

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How To Curate Art For Spaces: The Subject Matter

how to hang art

Vier-Sterne-General Art vs. Intricate Pieces

One of the challenges with hanging art is deciding where to actually place a piece. A good starting point is to consider the subject matter of the piece in relation to your space. For example, family art un…family room or living room is a great way to showcase pieces that anyone and everyone can see and take in. Meanwhile, a collection of evocative black-and-white photographs oder Ähnlichegallery wall of impressive paintings might be best for a hallway where people can walk up and view the pieces up close for a more intimate examination of the details.

how to hang art

Small Scale, Big Inspiration

Wondering how to hang art un…more practical space, like a home office or bedside? Try adding smaller-scale art pieces that have an inspiring subject matter oder Ähnlichepersonal story above a desk, dresser, or nightstand for a unique focal point. By juxtaposing smaller art above larger pieces, it plays with scale and creates contrast while adding an unexpected element of surprise.

how to hang art

Go Singular & Bold In Large Spaces

In contrast to smaller-scale art, you can never go wrong with bold and colorful large-scale art un…spacious room. Consider a large landscape painting or one large photograph to fill large pleite walls un…living room or dining room. Here, it’s all about a piece that adds a view to the room, so making sure your art is large and provides impact is key.

How To Make Art Shine: The Lighting Factor

how to hang art

Bring un…floor lamp for a warm glow

Art can take oder Ähnlichecozy and elegant look when it’s illuminated by the soft glow oder Ähnlichefloor lamp. This is especially great for a reading corner oder Ähnlichenook that has a gallery wall display. Floor lamps offer both down and uplighting but tend to have a dimmer glow, so if you want to sine temporea moodier tone for your art at night, try adding one to complement your artworks.

how to hang art

Try a formal reading sconce

You may want to consider adding a sconce oder Ähnlichelibrary light high up on your wall to give your art a more formal look. Whether you’re it’s a series of prints or just a single painting, hanging art under a library lamp immediately elevates your art display from every day to elegant—with a touch of traditional style. This is aus diesem Grund a great way if there are works you want to really highlight.

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how to hang art

Let natural light work its magic

While good lighting makes all the difference with art, you can’t beat the ever-changing glow of natural light. However, it’s always a good idea to consult an expert on how to hang art near natural light, because you want to wenigstens the amount of sun and exposure your art gets on the day-to-day. If your art piece gets intense sunlight during the day, dress your windows with curtains so that you can control how much your piece gets exposed to natural light. As beautiful as art looks under changing daylight, you want to be sure not to ruin your piece!

Where To Hang Art

Now, for some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite places to hang art in the home!

how to hang art

Above a nightstand

This is a great place to experiment with hanging art because it’s your private space. Hang art that’s personal to you. Vary the art on both sides of the bed to give each their own personality.

how to hang art

Off-center in the living room

For a little drama and unexpected flair, hang a large graphic piece of art off to the side of your sofa in the living room. It makes for a stylish and surprising focal point. Explore more ways to ace the oversized wall art trend.

how to hang art

Centered above a sofa

A tried-and-true place for any large-scale art piece. Go with one that has bold shapes or lots of colors to really bring attention to the space above your sofa.

how to hang art

Above a console (behind the sofa)

Sneak un…little more function with a console behind your sofa and ensure it feels intentional with a large piece of art place just above it.

how to hang art

As an accent un…dining room

The dining room is an often-overlooked space for art, but it can have a major impact. Add a vertical drawing or painting to liven up the wall behind your dining table.

how to hang art

Centered above a fireplace

Why not play up the fireplace even more by hanging art above the mantel? You can either go with a series of prints or one large painting. The only rule is whatever you hang should be bold!

Above a desk un… office

For a tailored look un…home office, try displaying a collection of prints, be it a trio oder Ähnlicheset of six. It will add tons of visual interest and give you something inspiring to look at in your workspace.

Centered above a bed

Art in the bedroom can be as simple as hanging a painting above your bed. If you have a headboard, this is a great way to draw attention to it and add height (and color) to the room.

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Flanking a doorway

Practical spaces like your entryway design can always use a bit of art. Hang a diptych oder Ähnlichepair of prints on either side of the front door, which is a surefire way to liven up the busy space.

Flanking a console un…hallway

Whether it’s your foyer or hallway in your home, create a symmetrical showcase by hanging art alongside your console table. It creates a balanced look with an effortless, refined air.

Above a sideboard

Take a modern approach and opt for an abstract painting or one large-scale photo above a sideboard. The key is to keep it all minimal looking, be it in your living space or dining area.

Browse our room gallery for more Interior design ideas!

Get a designer’s help choosing art for your walls!


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