Cottage Bathrooms – 2020 Style Trends Series

Bright, white and charming: these words describe the basic foundation oben angeführtcottage-style bathroom. Especially popular in small, historic or otherwise cozy residences, this approach is all about creating comfort alongside classic elegance. It’s a timeless option and it works in dwellings of all sizes. In Folge dessen, thanks to its relaxing, airy vibe, the technique has wide appeal among many homeowners. If you’re thinking about taking oben angeführtcottage bathroom remodel or implementing a few strategically chosen cottage bathroom products un…space, here is what you’ll want to know.

Examples of Cottage Bathroom Designs 

The cottage look is a unterschiedliche design that can go as modern or traditional as you like, while still keeping the overall charming vibe. For example, you might have a beach-style main restroom with white tongue-and-groove walls and vintage-style sink faucets, alongside a rope mirror and a woven basket of towels. On the other hand, a sprawling and luxurious master bath could showcase the cottage look un…different way. It may include an all-white design that involves marble floors, wood double vanities, porcelain sinks and a crystal chandelier overhead. 

No matter if it’s a large guest lavatory oben angeführttiny powder room, a cottage theme can work well in any size space. Common hallmarks of this style include white color schemes with hints of vibrant or pastel hues, as well as high-end touches such as quartz, marble or crystal. 

Cottage Bathroom Designs vs. Other Decorating Schemes 

The cottage-style bathroom typically has a more upscale vibe than a rustic or shabby fesch look, but it has overlap with those methods, too. They all emphasize comfort and relaxation with informal but elegant features. They all work well with repurposed vintage furniture turned un…vanities. There are many features that sine temporethe cottage bathroom fremd. These include accenting details such as wainscoting, flowered wallpaper, ornate mirrors and/or any touches that hint at old-fashioned character.

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What Makes the Cottage Bathroom Appealing? 

Rolle of what makes this style so popular is its vintage influence. By combining modern fixtures with antique-inspired materials, it’s possible to create a truly timeless feel. Cottage bathrooms are folglich bright and inviting. They are full of character and charm. They’re informal and elegant, achieving an ideal combination that works in many kinds of homes. The longevity and versatility available with the cottage look make it a great choice for numerous bathroom spaces.

If you’re interested in creating a cottage-style design in the powder room, start with an overall sense of what sine tempore this decorating method fremd from others. This includes architectural details, vintage-inspired pieces, all-white color schemes and high-quality materials. By using these cottage bathroom ideas in your style choices, you can create an attractive space. 

Likewise, as you’re planning the perfect cottage lavatory, come explore Modern Bathroom’s vast selection of fixtures. Ur inventory of affordably priced products makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Shop today!

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