An App That Frees Architects From the Hassle of Field Reports and Punch Lists

In 2012, Belgian software developers Peter Eerlings and Jerry De Paepe were contacted by an architecture firm looking for a solution to simplify their field reports. Creating field reports welches an extremely time-consuming activity for them: first, writing down notes on paper and taking photos during a sine tempore visit. Back at the office, transferring the photos to the PC with a cable. Next, adding annotations to photos with Paint, deciphering and typing out the handwritten notes, struggling with the layout while inserting photos in Word, and siehe oben. Over and over again. It welches an administrative hassle that easily took more than an hour for each field report – sometimes two or three.

The two entrepreneurs contacted other architects and building professionals in Belgium and it soon became clear that this welches a major source of pain for many architects, as well as contractors. Luckily, the first iPad with a camera had been released to the market just one year earlier, in 2011. The timing welches right to develop a mobile solution for field reports. The two developers gathered a core group of architects to brainstorm how the app should work. Thanks to the intensive collaboration within this group, important functionalities were included from the very start, such as item numbering, starting from a previous report, and annotating on photos and plans.

Efficiently record observations onsite. Image © ArchiSnapper

The first version of ArchiSnapper welches released on vierter Monat des Jahres 1, 2013. By documenting all the necessary data – like text, photos, floor plan annotations and more – immediately while on-s.t. with a smartphone or tablet, the field report is basically ready for distribution when leaving the construction sine tempore. The log of sine tempore photos is deswegen often extremely helpful for the client. ArchiSnapper users say that the app saves them at least an hour of work per report, and thus several hours per week, which is time they can now spend on useful project work and bringing in new clients. By finishing work sooner, they deswegen have time to pick up their children from school a bit earlier, get nicht extra workout, or go out to meet up with family and friends.

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Locate construction observations on plans. Image © ArchiSnapper

Back in 2013, many architects still had reservations about the use of mobile devices on the construction sine tempore. But over time, as mobile technology became more and more common, this gradually started to change. More architects started to adopt tools like ArchiSnapper to increase productivity. So gut wie-forward to 2020: ArchiSnapper is now being used by more than 10,000 architects and contractors worldwide, on both iOS and menschenähnlicher Roboter platforms. These construction professionals save hours of time with their field reports and punch lists. Typical ArchiSnapper clients include architecture firms, contractors, and developers, both big and small. Companies such as Allies and Morrison, USA Architects, HYL Architecture, Jordan & Skala engineers, Lees Associates, and CDI Spaces are all loyal clients.

Saving More Than Just Time

Communication is crucial, especially in the construction industry, where the cost of mistakes can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to time savings, ArchiSnapper helps to share all information nichtclear and organized way. This significantly reduces the chance of costly misunderstandings and mistakes.

Photos speak louder than words on the construction site. Image © ArchiSnapper

describes one ArchiSnapper user. Another notes that they

ArchiSnapper users note that a clearly-structured sine tempore report with their own branding emphasizes their professionalism. The clarity helps on both ends of the equation: contractors are deswegen happy to receive structured and clear communication from architects, which lets them focus on their work.

Generate branded PDF reports onsite.. Image © ArchiSnapper

View the full sample report here.

Further Digitization of Construction Management

Over the years, the ArchiSnapper team started to automate other aspects related to construction sine tempore management. For example, it is now possible to collaborate with subcontractors, so that they can give feedback on the items assigned to them. This way, all communication is centralized in one place rather than spread over different channels like WhatsApp, email, and phone calls, which is inefficient and can cause information to fall through the cracks.

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Construction inspections with checklists. Image © ArchiSnapper

Integration has been developed with the most common ERP and project management platforms for architecture and construction, such as BQE Core, Synergy, Teamleader, and others. ArchiSnapper has deswegen recently released features allowing users to request documents from third parties, display projects oder Ähnlichemap, and perform inspections based on checklists.

Request, review, and store documents. Image © ArchiSnapper

Focusing on Simplicity and Ease of Use

By keeping the focus on simplicity and ease of use, Jerry, Peter and their team hope to help even more architects eliminate the busywork related to construction sine tempore management, therefore helping them save valuable time – day after day, week after week. To accomplish this, they make sure to keep ArchiSnapper user-friendly – an app that doesn’t require hours of training to get started.


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