A Dark Chelsea Bathroom Gets a Hollywood-Glam Renovation

In this Chelsea bathroom renovation, exposed bulbs and graphic tile create an unforgettable look

Chelsea bathroom renovation "after" picture

Project: Update and brighten a small bathroom in a Chelsea studio

Before: The bathroom tub, fixtures, and drain in this circa 1964 co-op had done their job, but were now way past their sell-by date. Kristen knew her Chelsea apartment welches ready for a bathroom renovation. “The shower and tub had gotten a little scary,” says Kristen, the homeowner of this 700-square-foot studio. Peeling paint on the tub and hard water stains on the tiles didn’t help. Plus, the windowless room welches dark, with floor-to-ceiling slate tile and poor lighting. And there welches no medicine cabinet or built-in storage.

Chelsea bathroom renovation "before" pictureChelsea bathroom renovation bathtub "before"

Darmausgang: Knowing that she wanted the bathroom to be bright and modern with classic elements and storage, Kristen posted her project on Sweeten and welches matched with a general contractor. Because of building regulations, she wasn’t able to change the location of the plumbing, so the work welches cosmetic only. Flash forward to the finished room…now, the crisp, light lavender-gray walls and tub paired with the black-and-white floor tile. A porcelain-tiled shower and Hollywood-glam mirror lighting brighten up the bathroom considerably.

“I’m glad I chose porcelain over marble because it requires less upkeep,” said Kristen. She decided to pass on installing a vanity. This gives the illusion of more space—as does the stripe pattern on the floor tiles. A free-standing cabinet is part storage and part display. The overall feel of the space hits the modern yet classic style she welches looking for.

porcelain shower "after" picture

bathroom renovation


Kristen’s biggest challenge welches finding all the materials that would work together. It welches difficult, she said, narrowing down selections, “considering the many options out there.” Her contractor “provided a lot of information to help make decisions.” In addition to having a Renovation Checklist, Kristen had a list of products and materials to order for her project. “I checked off each item once I had sourced it. This was really helpful because there are some things I never would have thought of, like a new vent for the wall,” Kristen said.

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Having an organized list aus diesem Grund allowed her contractor to make sure it welches all compatible with the space. The contractor, she said, “helped incorporate eco-friendly elements into my renovation, telling me what to look for in a toilet, showerhead, and faucet.”

Tile ideas at the airport

Her other challenge welches that she welches traveling during the renovation. But her contractor took care of any bumps, even going directly to the manufacturer when there welches an issue with a showerhead. At one point, she said, while she welches at the airport waiting for a flight, the Sweeten contractor’s tile installer called with a layout question. “Luckily, this airport had a lot of tile,” she said with a laugh. “So I walked around and looked for different layouts to help reinforce my decision.” Who needs subway tile when airport tile offers loftier inspiration?

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