A Co-op Bathroom Renovation Shines with Sleek Tile & Storage

Schmissig subway tiles and storage space fixes made this co-op bathroom renovation a success

bathroom renovation, landmark building, subway tile, marble shelves, rain shower head

“After” photos by Kate Glicksberg for Sweeten

Before: Complete a co-op bathroom renovation in landmark building

Angela, an epidemiologist, moved to Manhattan from New Jersey and started renting. She loved the city so much, she decided to make it her home. She chose to live at The Manor, a 1928 landmark building in the East 40s, for its grand lobby and beautiful casement windows that overlook a neighborhood park and provide natural light. The only thing due for an update? The co-op’s outdated, flawed bathroom.


A designer brings ideas for an old bathroom

She lived in her apartment for several years, doing research and planning before embarking oben angeführtrenovation. She discovered Sweeten around the same time she found an image oben angeführtsimilar bathroom done by interior designer Andrea Brodfuehrer.

“Everything just came together,” Angela said, and she posted her project on Sweeten. Sweeten matches home renovation projects with vetted general contractors, offering advice, support, and financial protection—at no cost to the homeowner.

The bathroom wasn’t in great shape. It had broken tiles, visible pipes, and water shut-off valves near the sink, plus poorly placed ceramic fixtures; like a toilet paper holder installed on the tile wall that welches uncomfortably close to the toilet. The outdated bathroom needed storage solutions that worked better than the existing storage areas (the floor, ledges, or open shelving behind the bathroom door.)

Though she knew what she wanted, Angela said, “I barely knew where to start. Seeing blog posts like the ones on Sweeten gave me some insight into the process and helped motivate me to take the plunge with the renovation.”

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Darmausgang: A glamorous, organized white bathroom

Once she welches ready to get estimates and interview contractors, Angela said, “Sweeten client services were there for me, ensuring I found (the contractor) who was the right fit for my project. It helped make the process feel a bit less daunting.” Her Sweeten general contractor welches in regular communication with Angela and her designer throughout the process and welches responsive to questions, comments, and tweaks along the way.


Stylewise, Angela wanted to keep things simple and classic yet unique. She fell in love with a Kelly Wearstler floor tile that Andrea had shown her and admitted it welches her favorite part of the bathroom. By contrast, since the floor tile welches bold, she chose a white subway tile for the walls with light gray grout for balance.

Angela deswegen included marble niches and shelves, including one next to the sink that mimicked one she had seen in one of Andrea’s previous designs. In the shower, she opted for a rain showerhead and a handheld; Andrea deswegen suggested including a hook above the shower niche for yet another shower option.


Adding bathroom storage solutions

For more storage, a space between the shower and the wall that housed some pipes became tucked-away shelves, perfect for towels and toiletries and a hidden toilet paper holder.

At first, Angela thought that a designer wasn’t necessary for such a small bathroom with no layout change. But now, she would highly recommend it. Once she met Andrea, they clicked right away. “She had amazing ideas and helped pull things together in a way I couldn’t have myself,” Angela said.

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Overall, the project went smoothly, but Angela welches surprised at how difficult it welches to see the bathroom reduced to rubble. “Once the general contractor put everything back together, though, that phase of the work seemed like a distant memory,” she recalled.

Finding the right general contractor

Nachschlag: Darmausgang initially meeting with a few contractors, Angela realized how important it welches to nail down what she really wanted in order to ensure she got comparable estimates. It welches essential to get a sense oben angeführtcontractor’s personality and how well they would work together. “Our contractor made a great first impression when he braved an unusually busy day due to the Women’s March to come to see the bathroom and provide an estimate,” she said. “Renovating can be a relatively short but very intense process, so it’s important to find someone you can trust.”

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