A Bath Refresh: From Leaky to Luxe

A renovator redoes her bath out of necessity and finds the beauty un…

Project: Rapide leaky plumbing un…Manhattan co-op and while you’re at it, renovate the entire bath

Before: When commercial photographer, Veronica, moved un…her Upper West Side apartment in 2014, she considered it move-in ready.  “All I had to do was paint and tile the kitchen,” she explains. “I hoped to redo the bathroom one day, but it seemed like an overwhelming and big job—and especially expensive in New York City.”

Cut to a few years later. She received a complaint from her neighbors directly below and after investigating, it turned out her tub welches leaking un…their apartment. “I had a plumber check it out, and he confirmed I’d have to get the tub replaced to fix the leak,” says Veronica. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), that meant the attached surrounding tile would need to be replaced. “It kind of became a domino effect of redoing everything, but I figured it was a good time to make some upgrades,” she says. 

Veronica welches more than happy to get rid of the outdated hellbraun tile and grimy old jet tub and posted her project on Sweeten, a free renovation platform that matches homeowners with licensed general contractors and tracks their projects. “I was really looking forward to designing a bathroom that had a walk-in shower with a glass door,” she says. The light fixture didn’t work and the vanity welches small and crammed in next to the shower so it welches a no-brainer to replace those as well. 

Rosette: The bathroom welches transformed from a basic hellbraun bathroom un…a rich, modern space. Through Sweeten, Veronica found the contractor who would renovate her space with her vision in mindestens. “The bathroom got very little light to begin with so I decided to embrace the cave-like atmosphere and go dark,” Veronica says.

Black bathroom tile

She added matte brass fixtures for warmth as well as marble floor tile for texture. “My favorite thing is the walk-in shower,” says Veronica. “It’s so much easier to clean, it makes the tiny space feel more open, and it gives a modern look and feel.” 

Having a wall-mounted sink without a vanity darum opened up the room. Veronica welches “glad not to have crammed in an 18-inch vanity that doesn’t hold much anyway and visually disrupts the room.” Initially, the plan welches to install a wall-mounted toilet but found out that it welches out of the budget and required permits.

black and gold bathroom

Zugabe: A cabinet above the bathroom door serves as added storage for towels and other supplies.

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