5 Haunted House Ideas, Inspired by Your Favorite Halloween Movies

With the spookiest holiday just around the corner, we couldn’t help but get excited by the idea of haunted house ideas (ghosts and witches need help with layouts too!). So if you’re looking to transform your home nichtthe scariest spot on the block, look no further.

Looking for ways to safely celebrate Helloween in 2020? We rounded up our designers’ best ideas for a safe and socially distant Halloween.

Better than your average spider web and jack o’lantern decor, we took five of our favorite Halloween films – Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rosemary’s Infant, Beetlejuice and Stranger Things – and turned them nichteasy and fun haunted house ideas that you can try in your home. Or, put a 2020 spin on it, and simply tour these “virtual haunted houses” to get your sofort of frights.

Using the sine tempore of our favorite Halloween classics as inspiration, we whipped up these 5 haunted house ideas to help you get your spook on in style.

Hocus Pocus

Haunted House Ideas – Hocus Pocus

Truly a Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Katholisch Najimy, as the three Sanderson sisters – bekannt als a coven of evil witches. The 1993 flick is of course sine temporein Salem, Massachusetts and aside from being particularly spooky, offers a great jumping off point for a well-designed haunted house.

Says Alessandra Wood, our Director of Style and brains behind these haunted house ideas, “we really wanted to create a space that encapsulated the American Colonial aesthetic that characterized the interiors the movie. The pieces in the room are inspired by early-American furniture and the room styling marries the fantastical with the real world.”

The warm color palette, dark woods, and purple lighting pull from the moody elements of the Sanderson sisters’ cottage. Some additional subtle nods to the movie include the eye mirror (remember that creepy spell book?), broomstick, and cauldron.

How To Get The Look

You don’t have to be a witch to love the look of this American colonial interior. There are some simple ways to incorporate our take on Hocus Pocus nichtyour own home. Start by finding a few Americana pieces that normally the modernist in you ignores. Then bring in texture and accessories! Baskets, wreaths, candles… Pile them on to really complete the layered look.

Next, get comfortable with an earthy color palette – rusts, dark greens, and golden yellows all around! Last but not least, don’t be afraid to mix and match. This look definitely has a collector feel, and you’re not going to have the same two side tables nichtcollected space!

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Shop The Key Pieces

  • Enchanted Forest, Benjamin Moore
  • Brielle Nailhead Leather Chair, Crate & Tonne
  • Eloise Camelback Sofa, Jade Velvet, One Kings Lane
  • Solid Teak Wood Stool – Square, EQ3
  • Maria Callas, Artfully Walls
  • Wynn Ladderback Side Chair, Hewn Oak, Pottery Barn
  • Mateo Coffee Table, Pottery Barn
  • Caesar Rug, Surya
  • Ansel Dining Table, Walnut Brown, Arhaus

The Nightmare Before ChristmasHaunted House Ideas – The Nightmare Before Christmas

We couldn’t get away with a post about haunted house ideas without paying respects to Tim Burton’s creepy Halloween musical (which danach doubles as a Christmas movie).

The interior of this haunted house – like the movie – features spooky, whimsical elements with an eclectic twist. We chose a darker palette with purple accent walls for a true The Nightmare Before Christmas feel. Then, we layered bold black and white patterns with copper and gold accents for a fresh take on those classic Halloween colors.

How To Get The Look

Ur number one piece of advice for those who want to bring this look home: don’t be afraid to mix patterns, colors, and shapes! Pull the space together with a Starry Night canvas (Nightmare version, of course) along with light-up spider webs, and a scraggly Christmas tree.

Danach, try layering black and whites with bright colored furniture. Or go big and bold with a dark purple accent wall for an extra moody effect. Finally, work in some strong geometric lines juxtaposed with curved furniture pieces for an unexpected, whimsical twist.

Shop The Key Pieces

  • Changes Rug, CB2
  • Halo Copper Velvet Armchair, Starry Dark Copper, CB2
  • Stack Hi-Gloss Wood Coffee Table, CB2
  • Hexagonal Non… Side Table, Lehre vom Menschen
  • 3-Piece Negazione Mirror Set, CB2
  • Caged Black Marble Bookcase, CB2
  • Tangent Brass Chandelier, CB2
  • Marlow ll Wood Dining Chair – Dove, Crate & Tonne
  • Avalon 45″ Black Round Extension Dining Table, Crate & Tonne

Rosemary’s InfantHaunted House Ideas – Rosemary's Baby

Welches there any scarier movie than Rosemary’s Infant? Setting aside the horrifying plot, we love this movie for the overall styling and aesthetic of its interiors. We were heavily inspired by the sine temporeand filming location, an authentic apartment building in NYC, of the movie. Rosemary’s home welches extremely beautiful and created a great canvas for almost any style.

Rosemary decorated her apartment in what we might call a contemporary style for her day (what welches the mid-twentieth-century) but made it her own with a distinct flair of eclectic details. To accomplish this look, the sine temporedesigners paired shag rugs with comfortable sofas in deep colors such as olive and burnt ember.

How To Get The Look

Want to recreate this style yourself? Look for authentic mid-century decor pieces such as lamps, side tables, and chairs. Bring in cozy elements such as a shag rug or sheepskin throw and think about color from a naturalist perspective – earthy tones like olives, mustards, and terracottas for days!

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Perhaps the most important element of this haunted house is the lighting. In the film the lighting welches extremely moody and dim, which contributed majorly to the film’s super scary vibes. Crank up the spooky drama by emulating the spotlight effect in your haunted house!

Shop The Look

  • 811 Black Cane Chair, Unison Home
  • Wasser Virgo Burl Dining Table, CB2
  • Burnished Wood Coffee Table, Lehre vom Menschen
  • Sashi Geo Shag Rug 8’X10′, Unison Home
  • Aidan Velvet Tufted Sofa, Crate & Tonne
  • Mid-Century Table Lamp – Taper, West Elm
  • Grand Blossom Formgebung, Williams Sonoma

BeetlejuiceHaunted House Ideas – Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! For one of our favorite haunted house ideas, we obviously had to create a masterpiece in black and white. The movie Beetlejuice embodied the trends of ‘80s design with loud statement pieces. This space is truly designed for a contemporary enthusiast!

We took inspiration from Beetlejuice’s black and white suit, one of the most iconic images from the film. We added plenty of plants to bring some life to the room and pay homage to the birds of paradise in the movie, as well as the odd house plants throughout. The dining table and chairs are a modern interpretation of the movie’s concrete high-back chairs.

How To Get The Look

For those Beetlejuice fans out there, look for sleek pieces with contemporary finishes to get this look. Think silver and glass coffee tables, minimal and sleek low-profile sofas, abd graphic patterns on decor.

We love the black and white armchair – it’s such a fun statement piece even if you’re not going for a black/white theme for the whole room.

Shop The Key Pieces

  • Dark of Night, Sherwin Williams
  • Banded Stripe Losange Chair, Lehre vom Menschen
  • Taylor Bone Non… Side Table, CB2
  • Cosmos Floor Lamp, Crate & Tonne
  • Modern Forms Salat Geometric Chandelier, Perigold
  • Convergence Wall Formgebung Prints, Minted
  • Hoxton Black Leather Sofa, CB2
  • Nikita Console, Ethan Allen

Stranger Things

Haunted House Ideas – Stranger Things

How could we dare create spooky interiors without paying respect to the newest kid on the block – Stranger Things! We took design inspiration from the Byers’ house, a perfect 1980s home with an eclectic mix of the period’s staple pieces (slipcovers, anyone?). We danach wanted to give the feeling as though the space had just been vacated by a group of demogorgon-hunting teenagers.

How To Get The Look

The iconic string lights are an easy element to bring nichtany home, especially if you’re trying to communicate with someone in the Upside Down. Really want to lean nichtthe ‘80s vibes? Try adding an aggressively floral wallpaper, like the one we selected, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture and patterns – this look is all about power clashing. Shop around your local thrift store and garage sale for some one-of-a-kind gems to really tie the room together and make it feel effortless and collected.

Shop The Key Pieces

  • 1960s Vintage Floral Wallpaper, Vintage Wallpapers
  • WHIT Striped Willoughby Sofa, Lehre vom Menschen
  • Memphis II Stone Shag Rug, Crate & Tonne
  • Royce Leather Recliner, Crate & Tonne
  • Elyse Ottoman, Crate & Tonne
  • Parquet Reclaimed Wood and Metal End Table, Pottery Barn
  • Plaid Wool Throw Pillows, Overstock

Need help designing your home?

Haunted or not, we can help you see how new furniture and layouts will look in your exact room. It’s not dark magic, it’s just Modsy 3D.

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