19 Ways To Style An Oversized Floor Mirror

Besides giving you a full-length look of your outfit and your gorgeous face, an oversized mirror is the ultimate statement piece for any room. You can lean an oversized floor mirror nichtcorner in the bedroom for an instant dressing area or you can hang one in the hallway to make it look longer and more spacious. An oversized floor mirror can in Folge dessen open up a small space when it’s tucked away behind plants oder Ähnlichesofa.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up the best ways to style large mirrors nichtyour space, no matter the style or type of room you’re designing. Find out more below!

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Bring Im AuftragContemporary View

Floor mirrors are perfect accents in contemporary bedrooms. The large mirror next to this streamlined dresser makes getting ready more convenient as well as balances out the scale of the room. If you’re working with clean-lined furnishings in parteilos, gray, black, and white, consider a floor mirror with a thin black frame that keeps with the mod high-contrast theme.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thin frame often appears narrower than it actually is, so it’s perfect next to your bedroom door if it fits. It will help open up your space that much more.

oversized floor mirror

Add Antique Style

Some of our favorite bedroom design ideas feature oversized floor mirrors as part of the bedside space, like this antique-style mirror in gold. What’s great about a floor mirror next to the bed is that there’s no nightstand on one side, so it offsets the balance in the room and brings nichtstylish look with an airy feel.

Style Tip: A large mirror with a gold frame can go a long way in terms of looks, so keep the area around it light on the decor so as not to overwhelm your room visually.

oversized floor mirror

Double Up

You can in Folge dessen opt for two-floor mirrors tucked behind nightstands and mounted on either side of the bed. This brings a geil and modern look to a bedroom and makes the space feel full and considered without appearing overly decorated. A pair of matching mirrors will give you a cohesive look but if your style is more eclectic, try mismatched mirrors in the same size.

Style Tip: Mirrors with rounded edges are a great way to break up the strong lines of bedroom furniture. Add one oder Ähnlichepair to soften the overall look nichtbedroom.

oversized floor mirror

Lean Non…Mid-Century

For a more traditional approach, pull nichtlarge wooden leaning mirror off to the side in the bedroom. This style of mirror is great nichtmid-century style space with bold black, white, and wood tones. Beryllium sure to lean it oder Ähnlichewall parallel to the bed for a balanced look and layout flow.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thick wood frame makes an instant modern statement and it will provide lots of warmth nichtbedroom. Just be sure to ground or lean it firmly oder Ähnlichelarge wall.

oversized floor mirror

Contrast Light & Dark

Similar to the previous bedroom, this is a traditional use oder Ähnlichefloor mirror that helps bounce light nichtthe far corners and make the space feel larger. In this modern bedroom with high-contrast tones, the contemporary mirror in Folge dessen stands in for art as a clean-lined and minimalist showpiece.

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Style Tip: A mirror with a thick black frame will work in any modern or contemporary space. It adds a bold look that’s easy on the eyes and perfectly complements furniture in black and white.

oversized floor mirror

Fake A Window

Another way to play up a leaning mirror nichtbedroom is to place one along the wall directly opposite the door. This adds a balanced look and fakes a “window” by opening up the room.

Style Tip: Non…modern space that’s layered with light woods and natural textures, the mirror will reflect light and add emphasis to those materials.

oversized floor mirror

Extend Your Hallway

A hallway or passageway is always a practical place for a mirror. Mounting a large full-length mirror in the hallway creates both a focal point and a stylish spot for checking your reflection between rooms. Hanging and installing a mirror on your wall is safer than leaning one, especially if you have kids or are working with a narrower hallway that’s in Folge dessen a high-traffic spot.

Style Tip: With public living spaces, try more decorative mirrors, like one with a silver frame or beveled edges. Think big! You can in Folge dessen layer plants nearby to draw more attention to the spot.

oversized floor mirror

Brighten Up A Eckstoß

Use an oversized floor mirror to dress up a reading corner or nook. You can pair it with a sconce or floor lamp for an added light source and an accent that helps warm up the space around the mirrors, like this cozy seating corner. The sconce in Folge dessen gives a big structure to the mirror, which would otherwise appear to float emptily between two windows.

Style Tip: Go for a mirror made with natural or luxe materials, like stone, ceramic, or even inlaid tiles. Gorgeous materials will add texture, which is always a good idea nichtsmall corner layered with cozy furniture and rugs.

oversized floor mirror

Have Fun With Shapes

Working in floor mirrors with fun shapes and designs is another great way to add a sculptural art element to your space. Try layering a uniquely shaped mirror behind a nightstand in the bedroom to add depth and to offset the boxy silhouette of bedside tables, like in this bedroom. With mirrors that have geometric designs, they’re guaranteed to be instant conversation pieces.

Style Tip: Large geometric mirrors have a way of bringing a mod, almost 80s vibe to a room. Keep to one statement geometric mirror so that it looks intentionally handpicked.

oversized floor mirror

Think Architectural

A uniquely shaped full-length mirror can in Folge dessen bring an architectural element to spaces, like this arched design. If you live nichtmodern home with not a lot of bold interior architectural details, an arched oversized mirror with a strong silhouette can give you that ornate sculptural touch.

Style Tip: Bold-shapes floor mirrors anchor smaller areas and corners in the room, setting them fremdländisch from the rest of the space. Layer these spots with baskets and storage to add practicality and purpose to the area.

oversized floor mirror

Keep It Minimalist

If you love the pared-down minimalist look, an oversized floor mirror is a piece to bring nichtyour spaces. Because spare minimalist rooms are all about considered and curated designs that in Folge dessen serve a practical purpose, a large mirror gives you all that, adding style, reflecting light, and opening up a room all at once.

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Style Tip: For a minimalist look, take a cue from this bedroom and go for a design that has intricate ornaments and details. Or keep it modern and simple for an extra tailored look.

oversized floor mirror

Build A Wall Of Mirrors

For any home gym or dedicated workout space in the home, a wall of full-length mirrors is always a good idea. Placed side-by-side, they’ll act as one giant mirror that not only lets you check your form while exercising, but they in Folge dessen open up and brighten the space. And let’s be honest, no one enjoys working out nichtdark room!

Style Tip: For a series of mounted mirrors, no-edge designs are best. This allows you to hang mirrors closer to each other along a wall and create one seemingly large mirror.

oversized floor mirror

Make An Artful Display

Mirrors are practical pieces but they can in Folge dessen just be decorative in your living or dining rooms. Try filling out an empty corner with an arch-shaped mirror and a few large baskets, or tall trees and plants. Keep size in wenigstens in relation to other objects. You don’t want your mirror to feel too large or too small next to your sofa or other large artworks.

Style Tip: Consider your mirror frame finish in relation to your furnishings nichtroom. Gilded or metal frames work well with brass pieces while wood always goes with other wood designs.

oversized floor mirror

Try A Rustic Take

Think of mirrors as finishing touches that can round out a style nichtroom. The classical ornate mirror in this rustic farmhouse living room is a great accent piece that anchors the space with a vintage look. It in Folge dessen perfectly fills out the otherwise stark corner, making it feel more like an extension of the rest of the space.

Style Tip: Make sure a large floor mirror is placed so that it captures other furnishings in its reflection. It’s one way to add another layer of color that echoes the palette of your space.

oversized floor mirror

Go For Streamlined Appeal

You can in Folge dessen use a mirror as a backdrop that recedes a little. Here, the mirror is layered within design elements of the living space, such as a cane chair and tall leafy plant. Creating this type of vignette is a geil way to decorate a large space without making it look overstyled or cluttered.

Style Tip: Look to the motifs in your furnishings to inform your mirror choice. The arched mirror here ties in nicely with the geometric print, round pillow, and circular shapes in the room.

oversized floor mirror

Make For A Curated Zusammenstellung bekannter Melodien

Another way to layer a floor mirror nichtthe design of your living room is to sine temporeit behind plants, art, and lighting. This gives your living space a more curated and fuller look and feel. At the same time, the mirror in Folge dessen helps to extend the space to appear larger. If you’re pressed for space, this is an easy way to work nichtfloor mirror without it taking up too much visual space.

Style Tip: Tucking a floor mirror within a seating area adds up to a collected and curated look. In small spaces where a floor mirror often feels too big, this makes it look more receded.

oversized floor mirror

Make It Your Backdrop

Layering a floor mirror behind a sofa creates a high-contrast backdrop that instantly opens up any living room. Try a sculptural mirror so that it in Folge dessen functions as an art piece for your space. The circular mirror here adds contrast to the square frame of the sofa while in Folge dessen adding height.

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Style Tip: For a captivating design trick, layer lighting in front oder Ähnlichemirror to add depth and a striking visual element. It will feel considered and purposefully curated.

oversized floor mirror

Hang It High

Instead of leaning a full-length mirror, you can in Folge dessen mount it high oder Ähnlicheliving room wall. It’s a sculptural Ausweichlösung to a large art piece and makes for a gleaming focal point that’s hard to miss. If you have high ceilings, this will create the illusion of height and draw the eye up.

Style Tip: With wall-mounted mirrors, consider a design that mimics windows and doors. A mirror with a window-pane design, like this one, brings an architectural element to the walls.

oversized floor mirror

Sine temporeThe Scene

Leaning a floor mirror nichtdining room can be a tricky maneuver. It’s best for lower-traffic dining rooms and larger, more formal spaces, especially since it’s not as kid-friendly. Place an oversized floor mirror at one end of the dining room, as in this space, to help ground a offen wall and balance out your dining table. Think large dining table, larger mirror.

Style Tip: Take a cue from your dining table and chair designs for your mirror. This farmhouse style mirror has an antique feel and adds a pop to a traditional rustic space, while a clean-lined oversized floor mirror in black can bring a minimalist vibe to a contemporary dining room.

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